Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tis a gift to be simple...

We sang this song in chorus at my elementary school. Then, Yo Yo Ma played it on the cello at the Obama swearing in. So random that I remember this from 4th grade. Anyway....

A friend of mine graduated from high school recently so I wanted to make a present. I heard she liked blue so....
I wire wraped a blue Quartz with small faceted aquamarines on either side. There were many trial and errors with laboratories, pearls, silver beads etc but in the end, I settled on the dark blue and pale blue theme. I could have left it simple but I couldn't resist a little sassify-ing. I also felt like this was something she could get anywhere. 

I played around with embellishments. 

I thought about cutting the chain and adding a few gemstones on both sides. I thought about adding more briolettes. Then I found my kyanite stash. Perfect color match. 

The final product......

Pretty, original, and unique. Just like the recipient herself :). Congrats on graduating!

Thoughts? Should I have left the embellishments off? Let me know :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

To pendant or to not to pendant....?

Pearls. I have noticed I've been drawn to large, odd shaped pearls lately and was talked into buying the last two strands of peachy pink tear drop shaped pearls at my last gem faire. They were gorgeous so why not? 

While visiting my mom, I made her this. 

Her pearl were more round and disk like. 
My next strand looked like this. 

This worked out because she likes round, I prefer irregular. To finish this guy, I added a pendant. 

Fancy close up, please:


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to insert line breaks in your Instagram bio

Holy cow this had been bothering me for ever! I hated how my Instagram bio had the words running together.
I tried to manually insert spaces but could not force a line break. 

A quick search on Google, (what did we do before Google????) and this link here:

And look 😁😁😁 I did it!

I did what the link said and started a fb post with the text from my bio. I then inserted line breaks in that space, copied and pasted back into the instagram bio. Tada!!!!!!

Pleased as punch. Now if there was a life style hack for parenting...