Tuesday, May 26, 2015

With or Without Pearls--A Refashioned Necklace

Before I had made this necklace into a double wrap length with these beautiful pearls. 

But when I went to refashion it, I took out the pearls and made it simpler. 

Which do you prefer?? 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wholesale Order -- A Request for Sturdy Young Girl Earrings with Style

Oh boy! Here's an order where I was trusted to use my design powers to come up with earrings for young girls. This was challenging because I don't know exactly what young girls wear but very fun and flattering that she trusted I could deliver. Off I went. Pinterest and imdb.com looking at all the young stars of today to see what "the young kids are doing these days."

To keep cost low, I ordered silver fill earrings. To keep with the sturdy theme,  I ordered lever backed earrings instead of hooks. Hooks could slip out when jumping on say, a trampoline.  Not sure why this activity popped into my head but we go with it. 

Next I set my sights on color. Who doesn't like pink and blue. After a lot of playing around, here are the pairs I came up with. 

I hope they sell out in the first week!

Here is the rest of the order. So much stuff I couldn't get it to all fit in the photo :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stephanie Drapeau

Are you a fan of the beautiful Stephanie Drapeau??  http://www.stephaniedrapeau.com

I had an opportunity to gift this hot new actress my original tear shaped agate necklace through The Artisan Group. Check out her tweeting about our gift bag!

There's more! She just tweeted us all thank you's!!

Teacher Appreciation Week

I made stretch bracelet stacks for each of my sons' teachers this year. Gotta appreciate those that better my boys!!!!